Monday, October 11, 2010

Whisky Live Toronto

For all you whisk(e)y lovers out there with a couple of bucks in your pocket, this might be a fun event to attend.  It bill itself as: "The world’s greatest celebration of the whiskies of the world, now in its fifth year, [and] Canada’s whisky tasting event of the year, bringing the celebration of whisky to Toronto."

It is taking place on Friday,  Oct 22 at Halls F & G of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

According to their site, "Whisky Live Toronto brings all the very best whiskies from around the world under one roof. Appealing to both the enthusiast and the novice Whisky Live Toronto has expert advice on hand as well as the opportunity to learn about the whisky basics.

"It is the ultimate whisky experience with such a stunning range of whiskies, delicious food, Masterclasses, live music and regular nose-off competitions. And with more room for more whiskies and more food, this should be the best whisky event ever."

Hope so. People more interested in mixed cocktails, like me, might find this kind of event a bit one dimensional as it will largely be about single malts and other kinds of whiskey that are supposed to be drunk unadulterated. Their site does mention cocktails, however, and hard core cocktailians are always interested in raw ingredients, so be our guest, go and report on your findings.

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