Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lucky us!

I don’t pretend to be an expert on cocktails or ingredients such as whisky etc. I have devised this blog as more of Canada-specific portal to the wider world of all things mixed bevy.  There are so many excellent blogs out there written by people who have been part of the scene WAY longer than I have. I have linked their sites here and will continue to add more.   Their blogs talk about  new and interesting ingredients,  gear, events, competitions,  histories, reviews and recipes, old and new.  They are our sherpas and native guides on a voyage of delicious discovery.  It turns out , lucky us , there are three such fine resources in our midst and when you get a chance, visit these three great Canadian booze blogs.

The  world’s foremost expert on Canadian whisky, Davin de Kergommeaux keeps up the ultimate resource on this most important element of so many cocktails, canadianwhisky.org .  Take pride in our own home-grown “water of life” especially since it is one of the few things we have excellent access to in Canada.  Davin has also made contact with Canucktail and sounds like a straight up guy (probably takes his whisky that way.)  He will be at WhiskyLive. Track him down.

Nick Nemeth lives in St. Catherines, ON  and runs Cocktails and Cordials. Another friendly and extremely knowledgeable cocktailian, Nick has pointed out that old tom gin has been available at the LCBO since early this summer. He also says that maraschino comes and goes from the Lickbo and, “has a habit of rotating in and out of the LCBO, just long enough for us cocktail geeks to re-stock before it disappears again!”  If Nick says re-stock, RESTOCK! He will also be at Whisky Live. This makes me think I need to go.

Finally, Darcy O’Neil of Art of Drink lives and/or works in London, ON and is one of the original die-hards of the cocktail world.  His blog is linked universally and has an amazing amount of info on it, some of it related to doing our thing on this side of the 49th.  

A last note.  I guess its not surprising that the people I have met so far (virtually, for the most part) Nick and Davin, among them, are very friendly, encouraging and welcoming. They are doing something they love and, after all,  if thing get stressful, they always know where to get a good drink. 

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